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120 Lip Smacking Good Jam Recipes

Make great tasting and inexpensive jams, easily, at home without the preservatives and chemicals you will find in the store-bought brands. 120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes is full of easy to make recipes for preserves as well as a section covering the basics of jam making. Enjoy these delicious jams on toast, in sandwiches or to top off your favorite ice cream. Just take a look at some of the lip-smacking good recipes you will find inside: Ambrosial Jam Apple Maple Jam Apple Preserves Apricot Jam Apricot-Raspberry Jam Banana Jam Berry Christmas Jam Blackberry Preserves Blaeberry Jam



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Open Office 4 Kids

Open Office 4 Kids is a slimmed-down version of the open source Microsoft Office alternative

The target age group for Open Office 4 Kids is 7-12 and it’s available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Less UI clutter helps make OO4K extremely fast. It also has large, very obvious buttons for all of the most common functions of each Office app.


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CALCULATOR Pro 2.00.050

Calculator Pro is a calculator tool for windows like a common pocket calculator. Calculator Pro gives you the possibility to calculate substantial mathematical terms in an easy and efficient way. Therefore Calculator Pro supports a lot of mathematical functions like trigonometric, hyperbolic functions. The advantage of the Calculator Pro compared with the other calculators like the Standard Windows Calculator for example, is that you can see the term you want to solve and you can combine almost an arbitrary amount of single functions. To keep that term clearly arranged the Calculator Pro support also brackets.

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